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Web development for creatives

Redefine offers technical expertise that delivers high quality bespoke websites for the creative agencies we work with. We build portfolio and ecommerce websites along with templates for the public and private sectors.

From millions of page views a month to a few hundred and from large corporations to independent growing companies our care and attention to detail remains the same.

We love partnerships

Our approach is simple – to build long term successful partnerships with creative agencies.

As your web partner we’ll also share useful resources and information. Some of our clients we meet regularly, others we’ve never met. Our longest agency relationship is 15 years.

We keep in touch

When you hand over signed-off visuals to us then you’ll want to know what progress is being made and when you can expect to see targets being met.

We promise we won’t disappear off the radar and leave you wondering what’s happening with your project. We’ll email or call you and if we can’t give you an update straight away then we’ll let you know when to expect that to happen.

We manage projects

You’ll have key goals for a web project. To help keep control of budgets and timescales, we’ll prioritise and give you options for the most important parts of the project.

We also know that clients can sometimes be on a journey with their website. Their goals at the start can change over the life of a project as they realise the possibilities, limitations and implications of what they’ve asked for. As their business changes we can adapt and give you the right technical web advice.

We don’t tie you in

We don’t use technology to lock you into using us. We want you to keep coming back because of the quality of our work and our service to you.

We use open source software based on common technologies, so if you or your client wish to move on then that’s possible. We give you the freedom to use another developer or use your own website care options if you wish.